Checklist: Incorporating an ADGM Tech Startup Licence

  1. Review eligibility requirements for the Tech Startup Licence and discuss with Foundra.

  2. Discuss company set up key points, including shareholder structure, director appointment, authorised signatory, name of the company.

  3. Prepare business plan. 

  4. Foundra reviews business plan and submits it to ADGM for approval. 

  5. Approval of business plan by ADGM. 

  6. Foundra sends incorporation documents to shareholders and directors for electronic signature. 

  7. Foundra completes incorporation application.  

  8. Licence is issued and operations can begin. Foundra will send you a welcome pack with stamped incorporation documents.

  9. Visa application – apply online for establishment card and e-channel account for visa application. After payment and approval, apply for visas and pay visa fees online.

  10. Contact bank to open a company bank account. 

  11. Congratulations! Relax and enjoy building your company.