ADGM - Getting Started

What you need to know: ADGM Special Purpose Vehicles (ADGM SPVs)

ADGM SPVs are a popular choice of holding company for many businesses and they are often established to ring-fence assets and liabilities. We outline some key characteristics of an ADGM SPV and why businesses and investors may want to use one. 

What you need to know - Obtaining an ADGM Tech Startup Licence

Everyone agrees it has been costing entrepreneurs too much to properly launch tech companies in the UAE. ADGM’s low-cost tech startup operating licence is an exciting development and we set out some key points you should know about this licence.

What you need to know - do we need a shareholders' agreement?

Rules and regulations govern the operation of companies but shareholders often want to vary these standard rules for their own company. What do you need to know when considering a shareholders’ agreement?


ADGM - Incorporating a Company

Checklist - Incorporating an ADGM Tech Startup 

Check out the eligibility requirements for the tech startup licence and discuss with Foundra.


ADGM - Running a Company

What you need to know - electronic signatures

At Foundra, we know that you’re always on the go. You don’t want to be tied to a printer and scanner or waiting around for a courier to collect your documents. We use electronic signature (e-signature) technology so you can incorporate and maintain your company on your mobile or tablet. Here we answer some common questions about this technology.

What you need to know - equity funding

Businesses need money to grow and there are a number of different ways for your company to get cash. Unless you raise debt finance (e.g. borrowing money from a lender), each stage of funding will require you to give up equity in your company. Here we answer the 5 questions we are most often asked in relation to funding.